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Melanin Meanings

Cowrie Shell Gold Foil Washi Tape - Pink

Cowrie Shell Gold Foil Washi Tape - Pink

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Introducing the latest addition to Melanin Meanings! This simple yet elegant decorative washi tape, features a repeated gold foiled cowrie shell pattern. 

  • (1) Pink: Cowrie Shell Gold Foil Washi Tape - 15mm

  • Size: 15mm x 10m

Historically cowrie shells were used as a form of trade/currency in parts of Africa and the globe, and continues to be widely used for adornment on hair, jewelry and clothing.

Washi tape can be used on everything from scrapbooking to journaling and everything in between. If you're a planner lover - this is for you. 

/// Please Note ///

  • Colors may vary from screen display. 
  • Washi tape is semi-transparent, and will, look different depending on the surface it’s applied to.
  • Discounts don't apply to bundles and sets
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